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Design Shark

Brand Identity

I’m Dan Blessing and Design Shark™ is my personal design brand. Since the inception of the brand in 2013, I have brainstormed for over a year to come up with a logo and identity to best compliment what I want my brand to stand for. I wanted to create a visual system that portrays my personality and the way I conduct myself professionally.



On the surface of my brand choice, sharks have always fascinated me since I was young so it was only fitting to create my identity by integrating these majestic creatures with my brand. On a deeper level, aside from being the apex predator in the ocean, shark is also defined as ‘one who excels greatly especially in a particular field.’ (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) They are relentless and precise animals as they swim and attack their prey. I want my brand to portray my professionalism and the fact that I am relentless and will use precision to execute a design project to fit the client’s particular needs to perfection.