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The Man Behind The Shark


My name is Dan Blessing and Since the age of five, creative juices were running through my veins. When I wasn’t eating or watching cartoons, I was creating something, whether that was building with LEGOs or putting my imagination to paper. Drawing the likes of Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and my own super heroes, like “Shark Man”.

Today, I’m a more refined creative problem solver, with much more experience but I still have that same passion & curiosity to drive me years later. My background is logo design & brand identity but I have a variety of skills and love learning new things to make me a better design professional. I’m aware of trends but don’t solely rely on them as I aim to create timeless solutions. I take pride in helping people meet their creative goals with precise planning and execution to achieve the desired result.

Since college, I’ve had a passion for creating logos and identities for brands. Once I graduated, I would design sports logos for fun in my spare time and in 2012, I turned an artistic hobby into a side business. I specialize in helping businesses & individuals make strong, bold, visual statements through effective brand solutions. Having a hand through the process, from beginning to end is very satisfying. I have experience working with a variety of niches, ie: sports, (particularly Lacrosse, football & basketball.) medical, fitness, entertainment, apparel, education, and coffee brands. Through research, communication, creativity & empathy, I am able to design memorable solutions that hit the mark of the client’s vision.

That’s my story, I’d love to hear yours!